How To Run Multiple Apps and Accounts On One Android Smartphone

How To Run Multiple Apps and Accounts On One Android Smartphone

There are some people who require multiple apps for using multiple accounts. However, there are some applications where we can switch accounts. But not all applications support switching of accounts. Many of us have regular usage of multiple accounts. so for those users, we have an application call parallel space on android. Parallel Space allows you to make a copy of any of your apps, allowing you to sign into another account and run multiple apps simultaneously.

To start using you need to download the application first from the link given below

The main usage of this parallel application is that you can make the copy of almost any application mainly the social apps and games. So here are some of the reasons why you need Parallel Space App

Can you have dual apps on Android?

As you know the main use of parallel space application is setting up multiple accounts of social apps and run multiple apps. So now we can use this for snapchat because as we know switching of account on snapchat is extremely difficult and annoying. But for many of the business purposes or for online business using this snapchat and social media is the main source where many of us need to balance a private account with other brand accounts. Some applications have recently started implementing the multiple account support like Instagram and few other. Even though you still want to consider Parallel Space as an easier way of separating your accounts. Instead of opening each social app and ensuring you’re logged into the right account. You could just have a folder of apps dedicated to either your personal account or brand accounts and run multiple apps.

The parallel space also plays an important role in setting up multiple accounts in games like Dota 1,Dota 2 and also other games like Subway Surfers, candy crush Etc. I don’t actually play those games. But some of the players who are always active with multiple accounts. It is very useful to them. Not only this for any game where you have multiple accounts or where it could be useful to play against yourself or work with yourself. So copying the game through Parallel Space is your best option.

What is dual app mode on Android?

You probably have some business based or some other work-based and your personal accounts. set up on your device. It creates a lot of confusion and difficult to use. In order to separate them, you can just have one homepage for your personal and another homepage for your work apps. Copy WhatsApp to keep your conversations separate. copy your email app or even copy your favorite browser to differentiate between googling cat photos and looking up business information

Setting up of Parallel spaces is very easy. You just need to install the parallel space app which is available for free on play store. After installing just open it and swipe through a little intro before being dropped off at the home screen with three buttons: Invisible Installation, Control Center, and a + symbol at the bottom.

The invisible installation allows you to install apps that won’t appear in your Parallel Spaces shortcut on your home screen instead they are only visible within the Parallel Spaces app. This seems to be intended for apps you might want to keep a bit more private, like dating apps.You need to sign in with your Gmail account before installing apps and run multiple apps. This is because Parallel spaces basically work in a virtual Android environment — keeping this login. These apps are separate from the rest of the apps present in your device.

How do I run multiple accounts on Android?

a control center is used to access your settings. Where there is a task manager for the virtual Android environment of Parallel Spaces. As well as some other options like an FAQ.

Creating a shortcut will produce a single Parallel Spaces icon on your home screen. Where you will see a folder type view. Where you can access any apps. Swipe to parallel space will create a quick access to the app. Which is formed on the bottom corner of your screen

The +Symbol allows you to create identical apps and by tapping on that you will get a list of apps. Tapping on any of the recommended options will redirect you to the Play Store to download them. You can again return to Parallel Spaces to clone them.

After creating identical apps. It takes some time to load. After doing that you can open it for singing in which is very easy for any application.

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