Acne and ways to treat it?

Causes of acne

Hair follicle The follicle buried in the skin, from which hair appears anywhere on the body, is surrounded by small sebaceous glands whose function is to secrete a very thin layer of acid mantle that protects the skin from penetration of microbes that cannot live in this acidic environment, and this makes the skin, contrary to what is expected, acidic. And its fake also secretes a waxy fatty substance that comes out on the surface of the skin, coats the hair and moisturizes these sebaceous glands, affected by the level of some hormones in the blood.

 These are the hormones that increase in the human body during puberty and are responsible for the emergence of secondary sexual characteristics in males such as increased height, muscle weight, facial and body hair flowers and thickening. This is inside the hair follicle or on the surface, and dead skin cells also accumulate and block the opening of fatty substances. If this fatty substance accumulates and clumps openly on the surface of the skin and exposed to air, an oxidation process occurs and the color of the substance turns black, and its name will remain black heads and its color is black, not because of lack of cleanliness, but because of interaction Fatty substance with air,

How do you make up?!

If the oily substance accumulates inside the skin and is isolated from the air, its color will prefer white, and its name will remain the white and black heads of the egg, which will affect one hundred per cent of the advanced light skin. What remains is that the sale of the accumulation and accumulation of the fatty substance and dead cells is a suitable environment for the reproduction and growth of types of pain.

Or if there is also a loss of the protective acidic cover of the skin or a change in its nature as a result of any wrong handling with the skin, an infection occurs against which the body sends immune cells to shrink it and the area becomes a battlefield for infections, redness, pus, pain with wall scars, spots in the color of the skin, and this is the nightmare that six hundred and fifty million people live in The world and although the bodies of many animals are covered with hair and more than a human being, there is no organism that has symptoms of acne other than humans. Puberty in people comes before males, but it can also appear in childhood., 

And it continues from after adolescence to young people and after youth, five per hundred females and one per hundred males, and they continue to have symptoms of acne even after forty.

Acne problem solving

Until the beginning of the twentieth century, it was not clear to doctors the cause of acne flowers, so the traces of the relationship of acne to the food that patients eat was widely spread based on the stories of patients and the observation of their condition in the twenties.

They assumed that this was the reason for the emergence of acne and began to prevent patients from high-sugar foods such as chocolate in the fifties. They were held by the Abhas group that increased consumption of fats, milk and dairy products increases the possibility of acne. They prevented patients from fat, dairy and its products. The patients had little food in the studio, so they prevented the patients from salty food. After that, many studies followed, many of which denied the validity of the results of previous studies, and confirmed that acne patients do not have glucose tolerance problems and their symptoms do not diminish if they refrain from eating certain types of parts.

Until today, it still exists about the relationship of acne with eating, and we can expect that it plays a role in the aggravation, deterioration or improvement of the situation, but it is not far from him that he is the cause of acne, and we do not know what could be the cause of acne directly, all that has been proven by studies and experiments, even Now, they are influencing factors, not direct causes. It has been found that over a hundred sufferers have a family history of acne, meaning their first-degree relatives have acne.

 But it is not known until now a specific gene that actually causes the appearance of acne or controls and factors such as stress, smoking and exposure to sunlight have not been proven that any of them cause acne directly, but it can cause its deterioration or improvement in people who already have acne. acne is not contagious. But it is not contagious, and its treatments vary according to the general condition of the patient and the severity of the condition, and after excluding the presence of other diseases.

It may be the cause of acne, such as PCOS, in people, whose clear symptoms are acne. In America alone, the sufferers spend more than three billion dollars to treat young people every year in the form of tablets, ointments, creams and lotions, and treatments are all in the context of combating the bacteria that cause inflammation getting rid of black heads and Whites Reducing the secretion of fat from the sebaceous glands by reducing the amount of infugens hormones by using birth control pills. Or try to squeeze it or mark it to get rid of it and also avoid excessive facilitation of the skin or use traditional soap or strong exfoliators in order to clean the skin.

Because this can cause dryness, irritation and an increase in acne as well. The correct thing is to just wash it twice a day, and use a lotion of products that stimulates its acid card. This means that its pH is close to or equal to the pH of the skin, which is five and five out of ten plus some procedures that the doctor can take inside the hospital, or at the same time, to empty any abscess or accumulated tape , or inject pimples with substances that reduce inflammation and pain and get rid of spots using chemical peels. All my wishes for recovery and strength to all warriors of diseases everywhere
May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.
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