Can a person live without sleep?

"Insomnia disease"

The fatal hereditary insomnia disease is prevalent in forty families, but around the world, one family of Egyptian origins is far away. Any disease that can cause you insomnia or lack of sleep, what would happen if you yourself decided to prevent yourself from sleeping of your own free will? What is the longest possible period that you can live without sleep? ? 

  Fatal hereditary insomnia is a very rare disease that prevents the patient from sleeping deeply for continuous months, and perhaps a year. The patient suffers from panic, panic, phobia and dementia, and ends with death about a year and a half after the beginning of symptoms, and this is because there is no effective treatment until now  .

In the year sixty-four, a university student, Brandi Gardner, decided to prevent himself from sleeping of his own accord, and asked his colleagues and specialized doctors to follow up on his condition in order to see his physical, mental and psychological changes that would occur throughout his evening. Alarm clocks and record this record in the encyclopedia of records, and even the numbers that came after it were greater than that, they were all using alarm clocks, 

Symptoms of not sleeping for a long time!

But the Encyclopedia of Records decided that it would cancel this type of number or category of competition in order to ensure the health of the competitors and for fear of serious health complications that could occur due to lack of sleep during the experiment. Randy suffered from mood swings, hallucinations, inability to leave and some memory loss. 

On the seventh day, do a simple test like this, and they asked me to count down from a hundred while he was going down and pay seven each time, he started counting a hundred ninety-six eighty-nine seventy-two and seventy-five sixty-five.

 .But I remember a day of the experience. He held a public conference in which he spoke about your experience in a clear and understandable language without any confusion, or tension, or any need. He said, “I just wanted to explain that lack of sleep is not a serious need.” Long-term satisfactory symptoms, even if the lack of sleep is not serious, 


He says that each of us decides to sleep or not to sleep. No matter how much you try to stretch your body over the times, it will work and sleep against you. No matter how hard you try, not only that. This is any attempts by you to reduce the number of hours you sleep from the correct number, it can cause very serious pathological complications, according to many separate studies. Reducing the number of hours of sleep can increase the possibility of stress, diabetes, heart obesity, cancer, depression and anxiety, by the way, even the correct number of hours of sleep is not an accurate number until now, and all that medicine has come up with are just approximate numbers, meaning children sleep from ten to eleven hours and adults from seven to nine hours and this is because humans are very different in their needs, because we do not just have the choice to sleep or not, we almost also do not have the choice to sleep when there are more than twenty thousand neurons in your brain and fake them, but they wake you up and wake you up at exact and very accurate times. This part of your brain, which is called the nucleus of adaptation, can adapt if you make a few simple changes in your sleep I woke you up for two hours orI tried to sleep early from your date, which you are acccustomed to, for two hours. 

But he can never adapt and not function properly when you make huge changes and surprise your sleep. I remember the fatigue, exhaustion and severe headache that would come to you if you traveled from country to country and the time difference between them was large, or the fatigue that brings you in the morning, lack of focus and the nausea that happens to you after a whole night without sleep. This part of your brain is the clock that your body faked itself on, meaning that the timing of your body temperature changes. 

The secretion of hormones, hormones related to activity, alertness, movement and work, such as cortisone, hormones related to sleep and rest, such as melatona, and appointments for many other jobs, such as immunity and digestion. 

 In an experiment that Harvard University used, a group of people entered and entered rooms completely isolated from any source of light, whether the sun or any industrial source. The life of each person's day and the changes that take place in his body and functions. It appeared that the cycle of a person's day, who is not conscious of time at all, is approximately equal to twenty-four hours and one minute in one minute. 

 Doctors expect that this is the reason behind a lot of sleep disorders, hair and anxiety that happen to all of us. For example, if you can't get up early in the morning before noon, or you can never sleep before three after midnight, no matter how important the work or study you have in the morning, you are not lazy. And be aware that you allow someone to say that you are not bound, not committed or never, but you are sick, but the late sleep stage disorder is one of the most famous and most prevalent sleep disorders. It will cause a hundred illnesses and live with them for the rest of their lives. 

"Insomnia Cure"

It is the cause of more than ten percent of the cases of insomnia that afflict all people, because there is no effective treatment until now, meaning any attempt to force the patient to adapt to the conditions of society, sleep early and wake up early, will result in terrible failure. On the contrary, this may reflect on his mental health to the extent that fifty in hundreds of people with this disorder show symptoms of depression, and the only solution to dealing with any patient with this disorder is that he is trying to adapt his life to his sleep schedule. I mean, try to do something that needs focus at night and stay up late, as if he remains an emergency doctor, for example, and almost the only solution to deal with sleep in general is that you do not resist Just sleep.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

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