How does the lie detector work and is it possible for someone to pass the test?

   What is a lie detector?

Rarely does anyone hear about the scientific name of the lie detector, which is the polygraph  

This name, in fact, reflects the scientific basis on which the device is built. The name consists of two syllables. Its origin goes back to the Greek language. The first syllable is the word poly, which means many or many. What is meant by this syllable is the large amount of electrical sensors that remain connected to the person who does the lie test.

 The breakdown of the number of sensors is due to the diversity in the physical quantities that the device measures, such as measuring heart pressure, heart rate, the rate of sweat secretion from the pores, the rate of inhalation and exhalation, as well as the time period for each inhalation and exhalation. Which detects the electrical current associated with the nervous signals from the brain to the organs, how fast,

 If the nervous system is working effectively as a result of a sharp emotion or excessive tension, the electrical current device is higher than it is on the surface of the skin, and all these sensors are aimed at detecting the smallest emotions that we as human beings cannot perceive naturally.

 But the other middle section of the name of the device and is Elly Graf their meaning in Greek writing. What is meant by this clip is to draw the changes that the device is measuring from the person's body, as we see exactly in police movies. The needle, you prefer to go up and down in order to draw the signals that the device receives through the reaction of the person who is undergoing the test, of course

In what way do we use it to develop?

 Those who use the polygraph are the authorities concerned with investigating criminals in the middle of the cases in which they are accused, but in another situation, the device can be used in which the device is away from the investigation and the police services. Install these wires and sensors on your body. How will your reaction be?

 In fact, in some jobs you come into contact with sensitive devices in the country, and you deal with very secret cases, so it is impossible for anyone to enter them and do a normal interview like other jobs. They are very interested in revealing that the person who is coming here is really fake and it is not possible for a spy to come out. Among the places you are doing is this Equipment and factories that have huge nuclear reactors belong to the state.

 Ok, then, after we install these sensors and sensors on the body? Is there a specific method for interrogation to increase the efficiency of the device in detecting lies?

 In the beginning, the person is subjected to some traditional questions, the answers of which are often known to the investigators, such as when they ask about his name and the place where he lives, the color of his car that he parked under the house, and through his answers to these questions, the device begins to draw signals that express his natural reactions, which remain far from The emotions of tension that accompany going out of context and fabricating tics, after which the reporter questions that they really need to be answered, and they usually mix between one of the traditional questions and another question, my report. They have to distinguish truth from lies,

 But here a problem appears for sure that came into the minds of many people. There are people who, by nature, have panic attacks and get nervous quickly when they ask personal questions, especially if the one who asks them is someone from the police. It is not clear there are any differences or details, and it becomes difficult at that time that someone prefers the credibility of the speech or not. On the contrary, the same problem appears with people who have personality disorders. The characters who suffer from schizophrenia will give them clear reactions in any situation, so he can invent a fake story and make you believe it and leave the device It also reflects his credibility, which was originally based on falsification. 

Here, the weak point of the lie detector appears, and it usually occurs with people who are classified as one of the most dangerous criminals in the world in a large percentage, and they remain in a kind of psychological disorder when they are exposed. For them, the lie test results are completely inaccurate, which is why recently the lie detector has been considered as a tool that detects Regarding the tension of the test subject, but it does not necessarily indicate the credibility of his words, except that the person knows that he is connected to the device, so he is not motivated that his answers show that he is extra and far from crime, and this is what made some countries withdraw their recognition of the possibility of using these devices in interrogations and inference. in trials.

And now it is time for the important question: is it possible for a normal person to train and laugh at the device and get out of it like a hair of dough?

The answer is very transparent, oh, but of course it differs from one person to another, good, sweet, I mean, we can work in this without worrying about the lie detection test. He examined the Polygraph of the main police force in Oklahoma and continued to manage the device and deal with it in all its details from the year nineteen seventy-two until the year nineteen seventy-nine, preferring the length of the last three and sixty-five years, talking about the effectiveness of these devices in detecting lies and fraud.

 And Douglas saysThe lie detector is not a test as it is circulated among people, but it is a violent interrogation whose main goal is to create a state of confusion and tension in the person so that we can distinguish whether his words are true or not. In the end, it measures excessive tension or nervousness, no more. Douglas also confirmed that after the many years he spent with the device, anyone can laugh at the device easily, and the more this person has control over his thoughts, the more he can repeat his emotions on the questions he asks and the device does not record anything. Douglas estimated that he would make thousands of people pass this test over the years, first by weaning them and understanding the details, how this device works, how it measures emotions, how it picks up signals, etc., and then begins to clear it when asking traditional questions, imagining himself sitting at length and in a state of relaxation in order to stimulate a state of psychological calm.And when he asks declarative questions, he imagines himself falling from a plane at a high altitude, and he is incapable of using a violin balloon.

 I mean, looking like a clown, and in this way, it will stimulate tension. With this, calm emotions begin to bloom on the screen, after which strong emotions shriek, and this sequence of emotions for a person who is not guilty is considered a natural sequence because when he asks for his name as a matter of question, he answers calmly, but when he asks you were at the scene of the crime or not, he will start to feel fear against him because he is afraid He finds himself accused of the crime, and he is not found in the mud or in the flour, so he starts clearly about the initial state he was in. But if the person is trying to write, you will find the waves expressing his emotions come at a certain stage and start to take the form of simple shudders indicating that his body does not believe his words What he says and for that, with some training, if you want to pass the lie detector, all you have to do is to stay calm in the traditional questions and who did the traditional questions, which leads to a natural result for the innocent person.

Because this is the norm for any innocent human being. Medicine. So, after we knew that this polygraph came out, we couldn't coordinate with it. Is there an alternative to this device? In fact, new technologies have emerged that outperform the Polygraph and we have completely dispensed with it. One of the most famous techniques is the motion monitoring technology. The eye, whose origin is traced back to researchers from the University of Utah in the USA in the year two thousand and ten. The researchers say that fabricating acacias requires much more effort than telling the truth. The number of organs that appear on it. This effort is the movement of the eye as a result of its close association with thinking about memories. The technique depends on a few right questions and wrong questions that are related to the person taking the test. 

 .Among the signs that the device monitors in order to identify the person accused of the innocent is that it measures the breadth of the accuracy of the eye and sees the extent of the person’s response to the question and responds after it has been answered. Usually the person who is accused of not answering the question, his eyes are wider and take longer to think about the answer as if he is still cooking the intuitions in his brain The advantage of the eye movement monitor is that it costs less than the polygraph, and it takes one-fifth of the time to use the traditional lie detector. 
And this technology is still evolving with time, and the more money is pumped into the laboratories and laboratories, the faster these inventions will come to light, but it is certain that one day we will reach the most accurate technology in which we can identify the truthful person from the liar.

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