How to strengthen your memory by 500%?

What is memory?!

 It is very well-known that we have two types of memory, working memory, or as they say about it, short-term memory and long- term memory.

 For short-term memoryIt is the memory in which you can store new information right away at the present time. It was well-known that you can store at any time from seven or minus two information. I mean, it is possible from five information to nine information at once in a ridiculous way, but Dr. Barbara Okoye dismissed this issue and said that you can store four

. Pieces of information, but not five or nine, they are four, but you have four empty places in your short-term memory. You can fill them in at any time, and if you store new information periodically, you will erase the old and store the new. For example, this number is nine, one, one, three, six, five, two, four, seven, one. Zero two if you were trying to memorize this number now nine one one three six five two four seven one two you, Dub, you will catch nine one one three maybe three six sometimes, but you will not be able to complete the rest of the numbers because it is more than four pieces of information each number in This case is just one piece of information. The short-term memory is so small, it is small, and it never failsa lot of information, 

On the other hand, long-term is a very large repository in which you can store an enormous amount of information, and because the information is transmitted from short-term memory to long-term memory, you must use it a lot and repeat it over a long period of time. It is great that you will forget it next week, but if you repeat it ten times, but over five days, this information will be very difficult for you to forget. I mean, it has been proven that distance education or spaced repetition is very effective in memorizing information in our brain well, meaning if you are going to memorize something for an hour to repeat it Four times you don't do that. 

Remember it for a quarter of an hour today and a quarter of an hour tomorrow and a quarter of an hour after it and a quarter of an hour the next day and you will find that the information is the neural pathway that leads in which the information is stored, and this information becomes stronger with time and becomes very difficult for you to forget it. 

The issue is very similar to the gym. If you go to the gym, you exercise for ten hours in one day, and then you do not exercise again, I mean, it is good, but the effect of it will not be good, and often it will be consumed in excess, but if you exercise for an hour ten times over the course of a month, it will be in a very large difference, the muscles will take a chance and be built in a way It is stronger and affects your outer appearance, the same story, the same number of repetitions, but at a very important distance.

ways to improve memory

 The thing that is very related to good memory is good sleep. Sleep is an integral part of the educational process. You always hear a good sleep that got enough sleep, because if you do not sleep well, your brain is not focused while you sleep. Your brain expels toxins and maintains the new neural connections that were formed through your learning something new. You are learning something new, new neural connections are formed, it is like this, it checks on it, it checks and what helps it. By maintaining it constantly, Arabic will maintain its performance. There is also a nice thing that our brain is doing while we are sleeping. It is a thing called simulation. 

Is he taking this new information and trying what?
 He rides them together like this and sees that they will adjust or not, and this will bloom in the dreams that you dream, if you, for example, were studying before you sleep or references something before you sleep, you will find that your brain sits and answers you dreams related to these needs. Seventy percent of the composition of your brain is a hundred. Water is very, very important, because your brain works with high efficiency, and the lack of water certainly affects the efficiency of your brain, and this appears in the form of headaches, confused thinking and forgetfulness. Your memory is getting better or stimulated more easily because the memory or because the new need that you are learning moves from the short-term memory to the long-term memory. Of course, we said that you should repeat it periodically at intervals. This is the best method, 

 But one of the things that make the process easier for you is that you associate the new information that you are remembering with a mental image that is funny or exaggerated in a very large way. The more funny and exaggerated the image is, the easier it is for you to remember or recall the information. This means that we think images are much better than the abstract. You link the abstract information in a funny way, it will be very easy to retrieve it. This method makes you able to destroy or penetrate the short-term memory, and you can store in it not four information, but not ten, and sometimes twenty pieces of information in the short-term memory. Let me give you an example of the first. You need to link needs, I mean, for example Who is a sandwich, why, boots? What is the beehive, which is disobedience, which is heaven or heaven, which is the gate of what is wine, which is a trap or a rooster, these are easy for you to memorize and so, you motivate them and put them in your brain very well. For example, you are sitting among your friends and want to

Examples to facilitate the topic

 For example, someone says to you an Arab, so you put in your mind an Arab, meaning what is a sandwich, so you put in your mind a mental image of an Arab who eats a sandwich after you eat the sandwich, for example, you swallow gasoline, for example, the image of an image is very exaggerated. Slippers and flying boots that were necessary for you when you were young, meaning slippers and boots, so you think of this mental image of boots and boots flying on a plane. One says to you, “No, no football.” It popped, so you all tried to innovate or tried to exaggerate your comfort in these pictures, all that was funny and exaggerated, all that was easy, 

And try this topic, you will find that you are able to think of ten or more easily without any effort, although you may have heard it only once and these things are called and that Monix translated is the art of memory. Motivation, which is the limitation that you make a sentence like this that has an impact or has weight in order to preserve information in it, as for example, in the ninety-two Columbus discovered the Americas, he would have discovered one America,

Or it is said that they did not discover them. I mean, but the history of the ninety-two, Columbus discovered the Americas. It has an easy melody that you motivate it in. You want to be a camel to take the first letters from it, like every mighty, unjust, cunning person, or every beautiful, cute, bride. During the melody or through this sentence too, one of the methods is that you take the first letter of each piece of information and combine them with a word that they are tied like this in a word like Masla. Of course, we took the meem, the kaf, and the haa, and we brought them together. Makkah remained. I am one of the three who were left behind. I have in my brain a meme, a bitterness, enough heels, a crescent, a final example for people who are conscious of medicine and pharmacy, and this is the issue of the wife who told me that they had things called nemoxing, which are the neonics. Alchkimat who are the need Keda stimulate the needs. They needed the antibodies. They had no fixed in all of them, but the last letter is the one that differs from them, G, E, M, and E, and you brought them together. This is solid. The antibodies are rigid. What are the antibodies, or there are people who do it Majid, who is with us, our friend Majed, who buys antibodies, this means that these are things that you can It stimulates information that is not easily related to each other. These things are all number one. Advice number one. The second advice. Try while you are the material or remember it for the second time. Do not be afraid to remember it for a long time. Try to retrieve the information and write it with your own hands. I mean, before I remember, what are the things that I remember in this part? You start writing it and start speaking or remembering what you are writing out loud. These two things will help you greatly in memorizing this information because you are using kinesthetic memory, auditory and verbal memory to retrieve this information.

 In addition, you will know what is wrong with the things that you forget to focus on the next time you study. A very good method is that you try to retrieve information before you re-study. The advice or the third trick is that we talked about before, and it is simply that if you stimulate 

new words or want to memorize equations Or anything you need to write the name of the question or the new word in the card, the meaning of the word or the rate that you would like to memorize in Dahr, for example, to be five-twenty, and try to retrieve them and remember them constantly, or let someone from your relatives or friends test you with a very effective and good technique, the fourth episode, and we mentioned it a while ago, which is Spaced education. When you come to memorize something or remember something, you don't sit down, memorize it and repeat it twenty times a day. Don't let the repetition times take place at spaced intervals. This is much better in terms of memorizing this information in the memory.

The fifth, final, and very important trick that champions or people who are champions in memory competitions use is something called memory palace, in short, if you imagine a place that you have a strong memory, and most likely it will be your home or the apartment you live in, or the new information that you want to preserve inside the house, I mean, for example At the door of the apartment, you will put something in the sofa, put things on sofas and chairs, fear the kitchen, put something and shake an example that shows you the topic. If you want to save or or the list of excellence that you will get from the supermarket, you will bring soap, bread, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, tea, sugar, coffee and all these things like that That's how something will fall,


You can distribute them if you imagine your apartment, for example, at the door of the soapy apartment, because the first thing you are afraid you will need to wash your hands of germs

and bacteria, you will fear on the sofa. The tea is on the fire and the coffee is waiting because it is also heating up and you need to put sugar, tea and sugar, and then you find the money in the bathroom. You need to buy Pampers. This is in short a technique or strategy. Of course, all these things you can work on and delve into and you will find very interesting things about them.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

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