Solve the problems of laziness and stress with exams approaching?!

Reasons for the emergence of laziness and stress?

Peace be upon you,  near the time of the exams or near the exams, I mean, they started to have some problems like this. 

And the three most important things that people face all year long with exams approaching, is the first thing that laziness feels that its battery is dead, and I don't think that he remembers, so walk like this, and you come to him from studying at all. He doesn't even open a book. The second problem is anxiety and tension, the more the exam becomes, but the exam approaches, it increases anxiety and tension, and I do not know how to focus at all. The next thing is forgetting. With the exams approaching, he feels that he has forgotten everything, and that he is not able to settle for anything, and he will be afraid of the exam. 

If you had any of these needs or all these needs together, what would you do? I tell you what are you doing? 

I just want to tell you that anxiety is only to a certain extent, because there are people who worry that they are worried. I mean, either he finds himself worried, he becomes more anxious and ends up in this episode and is unable to do anything, so it is normal for you to be worried, but you do not let this anxiety and tension control you, 

What do you do to solve the three problems of these adults, or the problem that is laziness, or that you don't have the same demeanor at all? You feel that this is very normal, by the way. I mean, if you notice that you are playing pressure, for example, and you come to play ten pressures, you will come at eight nine, and you will feel that you are saved. You are able, and if you want to play five, you will find this feeling when you spread and you will not share the people who are going to a marathon, you will find it near the finish line. In the end, there is a feeling that you must rest yourself, and this is how you will be able to deal with him. Do you think why you remember at all? I remember the need that you are remembering because it means that you are not memorizing just for studying, but you are not memorizing in order to reach this study need. 

Do you want to become a doctor, for example, and travel abroad and take and treat people in poor countries? Remember this need and write it down and put it in front of you. 

Do you want to become an electronic engineer, for example, and work in Google or Facebook? Ok, write this need and leave it in front of you.

 Medicine, and we assume that you do not even know, I mean, you do not have a clear vision. What do you want to be able to help you in this matter, which is that you will spit at your father and your mother and see how much they are tired with you and see how much they spend our high school with a budget like this in the name of God, God willing Very, I mean, numbers are imaginary numbers, so they will send them to you while they are losing themselves, and they will have more anxiety and tension than you already, look at them and ask yourself, I mean, is there a loss in them when they rejoice in you with your result? I mean, away from high school is important or not important or all of this is a loss in them when they rejoice in your result and stay We are proud of you. All the fatigue, all the anxiety, and all the pain, they do it for you. They do not benefit from you anything. Do not lose anything about them on the day of the result when they remain happy with you and proud of you. I mean, if you do not have any goal at all, let this be your goal. I mean, we are already near exams now. There is no time for me to tell you. Keep looking for your goal, you are salvation in the lost time, this can save you from laziness and that you have no breath that you remember perfectlyThe second thing to do is to get rid of anxiety and tension, as they say. The one who remembered has been remembering for a long time. I want you to put in your mind that you did what you had to do, and may God not waste the effort of someone, our Lord, whose name is justice, and the impossibility of him remaining in equality between those who are tired, naughty and remembering all year and between who plays all year round,

How do I get rid of this tension?!

 Make sure that everyone gets tired, but the penalty is not yours. Take note of this is a very important point. I mean, you remembered, and your wages do not have to be the result, but you can remember and answer the other in studying and you can't succeed in the exam, so you must be sure that you I did the thing that you can do. The rest is not yours. You don't have to go into it at all. We waxed or read about the stories of very successful people. They tell you that if it wasn't for me, I fell into this need. I didn't miss a specific project, I couldn't think of anything else, let me be sure that you did what you have to do. Anything will come. I am satisfied, Lord. I don't have any problem. 

 I am reassured and sure that any need that will come is the best thing for me. This is one of the reasons that makes you inside the exam reassuring and comfortable, and you have a knife like this and calmness that you solve the exam in a mood, let you have the certainty that I did what is above the rest of our Lord, I do not have an invitation

 We reach the last point, which is to forget. I feel that I do not remember anything, and that I am afraid of the exam being lost. This is a false feeling to be and take care. I mean, people will either ask themselves or think. I mentioned this article. This is a good medicine. I am trying to think of this, day. Black, I don't remember anything. It is impossible for you to memorize the entire subject for a moment or any time. I mean, no, you remember it when it is required that you remember it. I mean, you are studying ten chapters in physics.

 The information is stored inside your brain. Your brain considers it to be a very large machine. You store this data on it. You cannot summon it all at once, but if you want to call for something, it is present.

Medicine, and we assume that I entered the exam and I really need to forget it. I can’t remember it, so I ask a specific piece of information or a number or a date, so you start squeezing your brain and focus strong and think, and you don’t even think about it, and often you don’t think about it, and this makes you tense and makes you try again more. In the vicious circle, whether it belongs to it, you do not think about this information at all, and this is something that will happen to us in our lives. The idea is that if you are talking to one of your friend and you want to think of the name of a football defect, or the name of an actor, or the name of a movie, or the name of a particular person, then you begin to think about this need. You don't think about it and just don't change the subject, or you are talking about another thing, you find that the need you were looking for suddenly turned into a light inside his brain telling him, "Yo, I remembered the name because this happened to me, and surely it happened to you and it happens to all people. You can benefit from something like this, I mean, now." what is that, 

Or do we have a glimpse of the way our brain works. When you find information that you don’t want to remember, don’t stress yourself and try to squeeze your brain. This is purely. Close the paper. The window like this, look at the trees, see anything that distracts your brain from the exam. I mean, distract your brain completely from thinking about this need or the exam. You are like this, as you say, give your brain a break or give it a rest, that is, it breathes a sigh of relief and tries to answer you this information and present it to you on a plate of Silver, as you thought, the name of the apostle that is directed in your brain alone. Just take a couple of minutes like that, and there is no need, and then open the paper and seek help from God, and God willing, you will think about this need. This is not a scientific need and it is not a proven need, but this is a tested need. 

Try it with a large percentage, God willing, you will remember the need that you forgot. And the topic of forgetting is a very important topic, and one is supposed to talk about it more than that, but God willing, the video will remain for him alone. I mean, if you are lazy now or feel that your battery is dead, charge your battery that you think you are remembering why. Think of the need that you want to reach, and this debate is the only expert for it. And as I told you, if you do not have a clear goal, I mean, or the world is a little blurry, and this is normal, look at your mother and see them as tired because you are tired and spend a lot of money, time, effort, pressure, anxiety and tension on their part, by the way, because you do not waste the joy of your success in them. Another need is anxiety and tension. I just want you to be convinced that you did what you had to do. 

I mean, there is nothing you can do more than that. I did your part, the part about this result of our Lord, it is not yours. Let you have this certainty and fear the exam like this while your heart is still, O Lord, I did what I was doing and whatever the result was, I am satisfied and the next thing is forgotten as I told you. Remember when you want the name of something and you are able to remember it I mean, on the tip of your tongue, and you know that your brain thinks of it, think of another thing, which is your brain, and it will present it to you on a layer of silver.

 What happened?

Leave this point at all and move on to the next, and after you get rid of it, go back to it. I mean, you get a result in most cases, and I tried it and got an excellent result with me, and I will continue to talk about my issue with this topic, God willing. I hope, God willing, that these needs will help you in your exams, and may God grant everyone success, God willing.

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