Why do some people not grow a beard, and how do I let my beard grow?!

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  Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Two friends have a problem they want to present to the public. The two are close relatives and they are of the same nationality and live in the same country and their age is close and the two are similar in many things. Their skin is the same degree, their eyes are the same color and their head hair is the same. Rather, they are already similar in appearance. The problem is simply that despite Of all the similarities between them, except that one of them has a very thick beard and the other does not have a beard at all. All he has is a very small amount of patchy hair. Let us introduce you more to mint and ,Samson mint. May God honor him with everything except for the beard hair and the beard,


While Samson, the hair on his face, is a completely normal thing for him, if he shaves his beard today, after how many days it will appear thickly, while mint can prefer weeks and months because only his beard blooms, what is the reason ? For a different rate of beard growth from this to him? And do the people who do not have a beard have as few zakora hormones as it is prevalent among the common people, or not, and it is the extent of the validity of the widespread methods for growing the beard, and there are safe ways of them or not?

  The beard for a long time, we did not see it in the quantity that exists now, no one used to grow a beard and salvation, and the matter was limited to certain groups. The beard was a sign of wisdom and dignity or a high place, and we did not see it except among the elderly, tribal sheikhs, imams of mosques, or those who wanted to apply it. The Prophet’s Sunnah was not spread in the wide form that exists today, but with the entry of the beard into the world of fashion and that it has become evidence of masculinity and the beginning of Mazhar Zakouri Kazab, and after we saw the celebrities growing their beards, a large number of people started to grow beards and some began to realize that they did not have a beard in the first place, or that Their beard is not very complete, and accordingly, we have seen the engines of the bush full of sentences like how your beard grows in three days without root or with the magic recipe of Tom.

 What is the story? Do these needs really captivate, and more importantly, why is the rate of beard growth uneven among people? The first station on the issue of the beard begins with the male hormone in men, known as testosterone. Hair growth and the spread remains among the people is that the person who does not have a beard is nothing but a person who has few male hormones, but in fact this talk has no basis for health in nature.

The fact that the beard appears in some people and some others not!

 All men are born and have the same proportions and amount of hormones, except in rare cases, and this means that people whose beard does not grow, is not caused by a lack of zygote hormones, and there is no need because the amount of hormones they have is normal. It is one of the things that depend on the testosterone hormone.

But in fact, the issue is not directly related to it, but it is related to one of its pictures, which is considered a more active and effective hormone. This hormone is the hair follicles located in the lower layers of the skin. There is something called these receptors that are sensitive to some hormones, and on top of them is our friend PH As soon as the follicles interact with it, it stimulates them to grow and penetrate the surface of the outer skin. The more sensitive the follicles are and interact with BHT more. The more hair that blooms on the outer surface will be larger, but if the follicles were not sensitive and did not interact with it, then there would be no growth and beard growth. They do not sprout to a large extent, and this will lead us to another question: what makes the follicles insensitive and does not interact with the truth? The reason for this is the genetic factor. Some people have genes that make the follicles and respond to the chemical signals of the hormone easily.

 And some other follicles will have difficulty reading or responding to any chemical signal of a hormone, and therefore the rate of hair growth will be slower and the quantity will be less. I mean, the person has normal hair and has normal hair receptors, but for a magical mixture between the two and they are related to each other, there must be hair-specific genes that contribute to their connection. Kasai, the whole matter depends on the presence of good hair genes or not. 

One of the strange things related to the issue of the beard is that the hormone, although it stimulates the growth of beard hair in sufficient quantities, is another strange need that is completely opposite to the first task. And he will be the cause of baldness, and he is the main suspect in that a large number of people have a completely empty beard. Do you think that these are all the reasons related to the lack of beard hair in reality? No, if the reason for the lack of beard flowers is genetics, then dealing with this issue will be It is very difficult, but if there is a reason other than genetics, then I hope that the beard will grow as soon as the cause is treated. One of the reasons responsible for the lack of beard growth is the person suffering from anemia, known as iron deficiency,
Anemia is one of the common diseases that result due to an unbalanced gastric system, which causes poor blood circulation in the body, and therefore there is not enough moisture to reach the hair follicles, and this prevents hair from growing normally. Fortunately, anemia is very easy to treat before Doctors besides directing the patient to healthy diets and proper sleep patterns. This means that if your beard does not grow out due to iron deficiency, the issue is still at hand, such as diet and treatment of anemia, and your beard will start to appear, 

It is worth noting that alopecia areata that blooms in the head, and it can be transmitted in a small percentage to the beard and cause the flowers of some areas of the cell or incompleteness. Fortunately, this disease has a large number of treatments. Finally, acne and scars in the skin remain one of the factors that cause the weakening of hair follicles. As soon as they are treated and disposed of, the hair begins to grow once in a healthy way. If I asked you now about the best way I heard to grow a beard while you closed your eyes, you would say that you shave your beard with razors and razors more than once a week. Let me tell you that this is not true. Shaving the beard with lashes three times a week Because the beard remains a false veil from the beginning, you are like this to your skin greatly, successive shaving with mousse, which does not have a time separation between it, stresses the skin more than it stimulates it,
 Secondly, if you prefer to shave your beard with mousse from here for the coming year, this will not make your beard grow and remain thick. Dermatologists say that the banana blades are all they do is that they cut the superficial part of a hair and what is on the outer layer of the skin, but it does not have any captivity on the follicles and the layers under the skin and those It is basically the main controller of hair growth or not, and therefore if you are a person whose beard does not grow, shaving with a mousse will not help you.

Here, someone may come up and say, I think I shaved me with a mousse, and this really made me shave me like a sword. I tried this topic more than once!
 I will tell you, unfortunately, that there is a flaw in the concepts of some people. Cutting hair in general several times can motivate it to grow faster, even if with ordinary scissors, not with a razor, but this does not mean that when you cut one hair, it will appear in its place by two. You have hair follicles that are already present and you started to shave your hair. It will grow faster instead of what it was in a week. It can sprout in a few days, but if your skin does not have follicles at all, then shaving with a mousse will not make new follicles, I mean in Arabic like this if you have hair follicles in your skin and start to shave the surface parts with mousse This is to let them grow quickly, but if you don't even have follicles ready that they produce shaving hair with a mousse, they will not have any captivity, and it is a sound practice that is recommended.
 To stimulate the growth of beard hair, sport is a sport that has a magical effect on the whole body, not just the beard. Also, make sure that your skin bleeds permanently by using the appropriate soap for your skin type. Clean skin has more hair growth potential than others. In addition, staying asleep and staying away from stress will make the hair grow faster. Finally, eat healthy food, specifically foods that contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals, and they play a major role in its growth. So, you must shave with mousse every little while, and it is already empty. There is no need, so we answer the question of why some people do not have a beard.

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