14 facts revealed to us by National Geographic

 Facts revealed to us by National Geographic

 You may be a bit educated and know a lot about our world, but you may have many questions that are still unanswered in your mind. What is on top of the Egyptian pyramids? Is it possible to turn the great deserts into green gardens? These are examples of the most interesting questions you may have in your mind, our answer to National Geographic. 

So let 's take a tour together about the most important of these questions and their answers?

 What is there on the tops of the Egyptian pyramids?

 The height of the tallest pyramid in Egypt is one hundred and forty-six meters, and it is the pyramid of Amenhotep III, so it is not easy to see its summit clearly. of which is a god.

 So he placed that stone and wrote on it a prayer for the phoenix as a god in order to revive the pharaoh buried in that pyramid again. Did their alleged god respond to that prayer as a canary of a different color Have you ever eaten spicy food with the color of your face red? Well, do not worry, it is not only about you. Like humans, the color of the wings of a canary bird changes when it eats pepper, thanks to a special type of dye present in its body. It changes from the color of its wings to several colors depending on the type of food it ate.

For example, the yellow canary changes its color to orange or red when eating red pepper, while it turns to several bright colors when sitting in the sun. Tutankhamun’s beard was broken in the year two thousand and fourteen. A worker in the Egyptian Museum made a mistake and dropped the golden mask of the mummy of Tutankhamun, who had been discovered in the year 1000 Nine hundred and twenty-two, part of the beard of the mask was broken, and he was not satisfied with that, but rather he tried to stick it in the least possible ways to conceal his crime, but it only made matters worse.

But fortunately, he did not discover the matter until the year two thousand and sixteen.

What do you know about the devil's plant?

 The orchid that grows in the forests of Colombia is called the devil's plant with its frightening appearance that resembles the face of a person with horns and red eyes. This rainbow is true, many beautiful colors but cheerful!

Have you heard of the arc of fog ?

It is an arc that looks like a rainbow, but its color is completely white, and it is rarely seen, as it appears only on dense foggy days, with water drops falling with a diameter of five percent of a millimeter, and you have to stand facing the fog and the sun is at your back. Now let's talk about the moon arc in another video. Have you heard about it? Is the other one before ?

  Is GPS technology really free?

Of course it doesn't cost a cent to use a GPS, but do you know how much the US government spends to provide that service? Seven hundred and fifty million dollars annually. This is real, or an average of two dollars per day, and this is for the maintenance of twenty-four satellites in order to provide that service, but hey, that is not the main goal behind it, but the US government is indispensable for that service in order to identify and track disasters Natural such as earthquakes and major storms, as well as monitoring outlaws Penguin dung for the environment Can you believe that something disgusting as a penguin is considered absolutely necessary to maintain the ecosystem in the Antarctic continent This is true because it contains certain organic substances that help plants grow in the frozen soil there.

Over the past five thousand years, more than seven million seven hundred eleven thousand and seventy kilograms of penguin dung went into the soil of that continent and preserved its ecosystem until that moment. Avocados are poisonous to everyone except humans. Many of us love avocados, but you know that this delicious fruit is toxic to anyone. A living being other than humans. This is real. Once a horse, cat or other animal eats a small piece of it, it may die instantly, because its leaves contain the toxic raffin protein that leads to the necrosis of the heart muscle in the neighborhood. Snowballs are real.

 It is not a myth, despite the rarity of seeing natural snowballs, but they are real and actually exist and take a perfect spherical shape as if they were made by human hands. Fifty-one centimeters was last seen in the year two thousand and sixteen on the shore of the Yaman peninsula, west of Sideria  .

In the past, the Sahara was not like that, despite the difficulty of understanding that, but according to the researcher at the University of Texas Robert Corti, the Sahara was a tropical region about six thousand years ago, and this is due to what is known as the Hajira

It is an air movement that occurs 
 the equator so that it can create desert weather over the subtropics and this is why our Arab lands are transformed from meadows and rivers to barren desert, and according to Robert, that desert weather moves from one region to another every twenty-three thousand years. Now do you feel that you are becoming more knowledgeable? Have you increased your knowledge of many mysterious things? What are the questions that are still stuck in your mind and have not found the answers yet? Don't forget to tell 
us in the comments section.

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