Facts you did not know about Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor!

     Nikola Tesla's life story!

When we think of the inventors of all time, there are some names that come to mind, such as Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Sixth, and other illustrious names in the world of inventors. Or the lights or the fridge, it's Nikola Tesla.


His school life?

 Tesla had a super brain that enabled him to perform calculus without the need for a paper or pen, as well as speak eight different languages, and yet he did not complete his studies, he dropped out after becoming addicted to gambling and cut ties with his family and friends so that they would not find out until they thought he was dead!

While he was wandering through city parks one day on Epiphany, he came up with the idea of ​​developing a new way to generate electricity using alternating current, a great invention that would later change the world.

Edison and Tesla relationship.

 Tesla initially had a good impression of Edison, and Edison also admired Tesla, but this admiration did not last. They became bitter enemies. The two men differed over how to contain and conduct electricity. Edison preferred direct current, a system in which electric charge flows in only one direction. Tesla is a fan of alternating current. Where electrical charge changes direction periodically, changing directions is critical to maintaining a constant supply of electricity. This means that more energy can be saved and transmitted over longer distances. This is why alternating current powers our homes and other large appliances while direct current works on Turn on smaller items such as light bulbs.

The crises that Tesla went through!

After losing his company, Tesla was forced to take a job digging trenches for two dollars a day just to survive, but his luck changed when he invented an AC motor. Named after its name, this invention caught the attention of George Westing-Holes, a major player in the electricity market, as he realized that Tesla's AC motor was just what he needed to complete an AC system and compete against Edison's DC system. Current war.

Edison tried hard to discredit Westinghouse and Tesla, and despite Edison's plans, things were good in Westinghouse and Tesla. They were able to overcome Edison and his new company, General Electric in many situations, but you are there problems in Westinghouse, where the company was implementing projects with its money and eventually entered into A debt of ten million dollars Tesla was so sympathetic to his friend that he gave up twelve million dollars in proceeds, which is worth more than three hundred million dollars in today's estimate, so that if he held on to those proceeds until now, he would probably become the richest person on the planet and the first person to reach His net worth is one billion dollars

On the other hand Suntech Tesla paid two hundred amount to six thousand dollars in exchange for the rights to use Braat invention of the AC power forever, which is equivalent to about six million dollars appreciated today this money became financially independent Isla and established a series of laboratories in New York and received more than three hundred patents in his life but The most notable invention is his invention of the first remote control devices in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight, which led to the invention of remotely controlled drones today .

Radio patent.

 Because of the files, he discovers that he can send and receive strong radio signals when they resonate at the same time repeatedly. Cantis does not prepare to transmit his first signal, but a disaster occurred that destroyed his laboratory in the one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five. Tesla did not apply for a patent for the radio until two years later.

Thus, Guglielmo Marconi had preceded him, and he had party on the patent with the support of Edison. In the end, Margoni went to win the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year one thousand nine hundred and eleven, which was only possible thanks to the work of Tesla. Tesla got angry and decided to pursue Marconi judicially. The case continued in court for years. Only settled in favor of Tesla after his death!

The radio incident negatively affected the rest of his career. It left Tesla in financial ruin and his mental health deteriorated. He lived his last decade in a New York hotel in the year 1933. The Westingha Company called him a consultant and I paid for his room. One of the greatest inventors of all time, died penniless.

Tesla and working life.

 You could say that Tesla was not so lucky at times, like when his factory in New York burned down, but the main reason is that Tesla was not a financial chief. AC wasn't interested in money. He was concerned about pursuing science for the good of humanity. He wanted to change the world, not his life. He did so, thanks to Elon Musk. People began to learn more about this man, in part, for his inventions to power our planet. Because of Tesla, the modern world was able to work the way it did. The one he works at today 
and his mother described him as a child of light and she was absolutely right.

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