How does Freemasonry take over the world?

 What is Freemasonry?

The Illuminati and Freemasonry are common terms that refer to secret organizations founded in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six in the so-called Enlightenment era in the state of Bavaria in Germany. world and control it.

 But how does that happen and what are their methods in achieving those goals?  

First, Adam Assab is the German who insults Adam, professor of canon law at the University and founder of the Illuminati organization, as a result of his admiration for secularism, which reached its maximum development after the French Revolution, in which the diverse and secular had a key role. He believed that secularism could confront people’s lives and freedom must be obtained.

Yehan took advantage of that influence as a priest and banned the movement of the Jesuits to establish his organization, and also as a result of his enthusiasm for the ideas of the Enlightenment, which made them call him the follower of the Antichrist. An American In the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three, Andel issued a book called Francedia Decordia, in which it became clear that he deliberately wanted to create a state of frenzy.

The reason is his criticism that the world is too regulated and too closed

 Understanding is suppressed in this book by using incompatible notions that want to change world order and stir controversy as well as chaos. Wendell and his friend Robert Antoine Wanson revive an Illuminati conspiracy to spread false news about secret organizations that want to take over the world.

The regime always presents news from other points of view that makes people stunned by the plot.

 An example of this is the case of the shooting of the former president of the United States.

John Astrid and some other issues related to celebrities, the artistic community and the entertainment industry.

Therefore, the Illuminati become very frightening because they use all means to set traps as a field of deception and to create similarities and chaos in the present and the future, and among the suspected issues is the sudden emergence of Corona disease and the death of millions within a few months, which created fears about synthetic viruses and their use and controlling pressure on the world

By owning the vaccine pressure paper that treats the disease, or by banishing peoples and civilizations with the same viruses with them, and thus this can happen a huge loss because the environment that can be easily attacked by this disease can cause an imbalance in daily activities.

 Some of the signs of enlightenment may also appear through advertisements or company logos and designs, which makes it a tool for tampering with the subconscious mind of many people, and then they 
are easily incited, invisibly and .indirectly, to chaos and corruption


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