The fraud who sold the Eiffel Tower

 Who is this man?

It is difficult to forget this man, even after hundreds of years. You wonder why simply because he is one of the most skilled deceivers. You can imagine that he was arrested fifty times and each time he came out due to insufficient evidence.

 You can call him a brilliant word. He is a cunning malicious person with a memory of steel. If he had used these skills for something useful, he would not have reached this state, and we would still remember his name with goodness.


Anyway, let's delve into the life of this man, Victor Lustig

He was born on the fourth of January in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety in Bohemia, a historical region located in Central Europe. His family was wealthy and his father, the mayor at the time, took care of his education until he mastered five languages ​​at the age of sixteen and he spoke them fluently in the year one thousand nine hundred and seven. His father sent him to a university and in At the time when his father believed he was receiving a university education, Victor was touring the country.

 You can say that he traveled all over Europe in a few years when the family learned about this, they did not take any reaction, and they thought that he wanted to earn money himself.

As he did several frauds under different names

In Ghaleb, he presented himself as the Austrian Count Victor Lustig when he was twenty-three years old. He traveled across the Atlantic and started gambling and earned a lot of money!

And the biggest fraud he made at the beginning of his life was to sell a money printer for more than thirty thousand dollars

He convinced the buyer that it copies a hundred dollars in only six hours, and indeed the machine produces this number, but after a few hours the money runs out of it and begins to take out white paper and when the buyer discovers the matter, the power has dried up,

It is impossible for him to report it to the police because buying such a printer is illegal from the ground up

All he had to do was give in to reality

Now let's move on to the biggest scam he's ever done in his entire life, which is the sale of the Eiffel Tower 

In the  year one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five, Paris was a fertile environment for fraud after France exited the World War and threw Paris. There is no doubt that Victor would not miss this opportunity from his hands, and he is not an ordinary occupier, but he is a veteran and an idiot. The idea began when he was reading in a newspaper that contained an article discussing The city's problems in order to repair the Eiffel Tower,

 Even the cost of painting the tower was very high. Victor had a fake business card to work with the government. He invited six metal merchants to a secret meeting at the Crillon Hotel, one of the high-ranking antique hotels in Paris, and introduced himself as Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs and explained to them that he They were chosen on the basis of their good reputation as honest businessmen and then he dropped the bomb and told them that the restoration of maturity did not work!

So the government decided to sell the tower as free, and Victor did not leave any doubt and convinced them that the matter was very secret due to the great uproar that the matter caused. He added that the choice fell on him to choose the righteous and suitable for this process. The Eiffel Tower was built in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine and then it was moved to another place in the year one thousand nine hundred and nine and this process took place in the year nine hundred and twenty-five, meaning that it is very possible to change the location of the tower due to the bad conditions that occurred at that time.

Victor took the men down the stairs on a chartered rimousine for inspection tours, and this gave our companion the opportunity to see which of the merchants was the most enthusiastic.

 He asked them for offers to be presented the next day and told them to keep it a secret but he knew who would take the offer and it was Entre Poisson who was insecure and felt he was not in the inner circle of historical life so I thought buying the Eiffel Tower would put him in the face of fame But suspicion repented a wife and was surprised by this employee and his insistence on keeping the matter a secret like this

But  as we said, Victor did not overlook any detail, no matter how small!

Victor returned for another interview, but this time as a conservative minister and said he did not have enough money to live up to a standard of living. He returned and resorted to other methods in order to increase his income. Poisson understood the situation at once and realized that he was dealing with a corrupt government employee who had entered the path of bribery and this situation Buychen's mind is clear because he knew how to deal with this type of person and had no problems meditating with that type of  person.

Thus, Victor had obtained the Eiffel Tower's wealth and a bribe as well, and he and his American secretary, Dan Collins, took the train to the train with a bag full of money, and like what happened with the man who bought the money printer, he did not dare to go to the police and tell them what happened

He did not have to accept the defeat in the heart of Rehab, and the exciting thing is that after a month passed, Victor and the secretary returned again to Paris and chose six merchants to return the ball again, but the chosen victim this time decided to report the police, but the police were unable to arrest him and he headed to the United States of America with him and lived For nearly twenty years, there has been a lot of fraud

He even set up Al-Kabouni and persuaded them to invest fifty thousand dollars, and after two months he returned to them, claiming that the operation had failed and gave them their original money, so they rewarded him with five thousand dollars.

 In the end, Victor could no longer escape from the government

He was arrested in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-four and was placed in the famous Catraj prison, and after cases of more than twelve years in prison, Victor died in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven due to a respiratory infection, and that was the end, he died in prison with a serious illness, spending more than a decade among the most notorious criminals that It was the product of his choice, so everyone should look carefully at his choices in life so that his end would not be like this Victor.

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