What will happen after the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?

 North Korea's leader 

You must know Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. He has become one of the most famous presidents we know. Despite the small state he heads, he constantly faces major countries and has imposed many harsh laws on the Korean people. Through the videos in which Kim Jong-un appears, and looking at the faces of Attendees show us that the Korean people love him very much and are willing to do anything for him and his people are the best leader in the world.

It is no secret to you that the people's satisfaction and love is one of the most important things for presidents and leaders of peoples .

Today, we will discuss with you the hypothesis of Kim Jong-un's death, so what will happen  then?

 Choosing the right time to announce the news In the beginning, no one will ever know the news of the death of the Korean leader, except for the senior officers. A state of panic and dread among the Korean people when they know the news of the death, and it is possible that the news of Kim Jong Un’s death will be announced after completing the necessary rituals, and even after a new leader assumes the helm of power in the country.

 This will be after all the senior statesmen met and consulted about who they will be responsible for ruling the country.

 Some channels claimed that they were forced to pretend they were crying

Whatever happened, it will happen again when Kim Jong-un dies, and this same scene will happen again. Did you know that the Korean people consider their leader a god? Therefore, the crying of the Bouri people will continue for weeks. Perhaps a new leader will take over. It is possible that not one person will rule, but perhaps a group of high-ranking officials will rule the country. Thus, the policy of absolute autocracy will end, and the rule of a family whose members took over one by one before the rule will end . The end of North Korea  .

There are many possibilities that confirm this scenario

 Likewise, there are many countries with which such a thing happened, and history is the best witness to that leader. He is the one whose people believe that he is the leader. After the death of Kim Jong Un, the Korean people will not be able to choose a suitable leader for them, or a lot of conflicts will arise among the components of the people, and a leader will be affiliated with an unattainable leader. To everyone's satisfaction, which will cause a civil war, and when such a war will break out

 America, China and Russia will not stand idly by

Rather, it will make the best use of the opportunity, as it wants this people to have a leader whose orders are the United Korea, and this will be the best thing that happened to the Korean people, which is the union of North and South Korea. North and South Korea were one country in the past, and then it was decided to divide it and South Korea became one of the most countries Progress, while North Korea became a victim of backwardness and collapse, relations worsened greatly between both countries, and the North's leader became one of the most dangerous presidents in the world.

 And but the chance of something like this is still weak to  some extent what

Big Funeral A grand funeral for a leader like Kim Jong Un is sure to be held

 He will be bid farewell to it like other presidents, and his body will be kept for a week in the palace. There will be a large crowd of Korean people crying outside the palace. The mourning will be for three minutes, with salutations, in the presence of all the Korean people for all its institutions. Announcement in South Korea and other countries that those in charge of the state administration will prepare. At this time to consider the issue of installing a new leader and arranging the matter and who will be chosen will have to arrange all these matters South Korea, America, Russia and China will follow the situation with great interest to know who will be chosen.

The news made the headlines

 There is no doubt that news such as Kim Jong-un's death will cause a huge uproar in the world. The news of his death will top news channels and headlines in newspapers in all countries of the world. It is certain that major South Korean companies such as Samsung and Hyundai will mourn the news of his death on all their official websites. People split into a team on social media as soon as the news of Kim Jong Un’s death was announced and spread on the communication sites. People will be divided into two groups, one of whom welcomes his death and is happy with it, thinking that many problems will become easy to solve after his death, and that the cause of these problems was the hardening of Kim Jong- un's opinions.

 The other group is sad about his death and sees that Kim is a leader who gave his country prestige and dignity what no other leader offered it. They are sad and worried about the future of their country after him.

But there are countries  that we can expect their position on his death in America!

 She must welcome the news of the death very much, because she will see in the death of Kim Jong Un a great opportunity to improve the situation between both countries, as she claims. It links India and North Korea, as North Korea is a trading partner for India because it imports a lot of fruits from India and also buys petroleum products from North Korea, but the answer to the question of what will be the reaction of the Indian Prime Minister to the death of Kim Jong Un remains unknown until the time comes for this 

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