What would happen if the moon suddenly disappeared?

 If the moon suddenly disappeared

The moon consists of eighty-one billion tons of dust and rock mass and is three hundred and eighty-four thousand kilometers away from the planet.


Moon pose!

Until recently, we did not have enough information about how it was formed, but we now know that four and a half billion years ago, the moon was formed as a result of the collision of a planet with the planet Earth. per hour to collide with it and produce an energy estimated at one million megatons, which is equivalent to the explosion of an atomic bomb!

So far, only twelve people have been able to walk on the moon, and since the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-two, no human has landed on its surface every year, the moon is four inches away from us.

But what would happen if the moon, which for thousands of years had been a symbol of romance and mystery, disappeared?

Suppose we sit down to watch the sky one night.

The moon is not where it ought to be. We may become suspicious for a while, but we soon forget that, thinking that the clouds have covered it so that we cannot see it.

The moon affects the earth's axis, which helps maintain a graceful twenty-three degree slope with the change in the direction of the sun's rays and the earth's rotation around it.

In short, in a universe without a moon, the average temperature in a country like Turkey will range between fifty during the day and minus fifty at night!

This change greatly complicates the survival of mankind, but it is not the only problem in such a climate

The evaporation of water during the day and its freezing at night will help reduce the amount of water in our world, so that the temperatures of the equator will always be high, and therefore it will also be completely lifeless.

Seventy percent of tides are caused by the gravity of the moon

And now, after its disappearance, the tide will also decrease significantly. This means the end of most marine creatures as well. At the same time, the Earth will begin to spin faster than before. The faster the planet rotates. The winds will increase in proportion to this speed. Living especially on the coasts will become a constant matter. The coasts will be hit by winds. Its average speed is one hundred and sixty kilometers

The name of one of the first places that will be affected by this situation is Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan

In a world without moon, there will be storms so severe in Baku that people and even cars can start flying. Short days mean that the earth is spinning faster. After a long period of time, our planet will start spinning at a tremendous speed, as the day will be only fifteen hours.

 So did you feel the changes in your body?

For those who managed to survive, walking will become more difficult than before, this rapid turn of the earth makes you lose a lot of energy, even walking short distances will make it difficult for you to breathe. The Earth will affect the Earth's gravity directly and as a result, trying to overcome gravity and walking will lose you more energy than usual, while gravity itself will hinder your growth Do you remember this place? I do not think so

Antarctica has become a furnace after what was previously an ice desert

So what is the psychology of the disappearance of the moon on humans and animals?

 Scientists have always searched for the answer to this question. According to research, animals seemed to be more aggressive during the period of the full moon. A study of the Journal of Psychology revealed that thirty-nine thousand crimes were committed, and that most of them were committed during the time of the full moon. Is it possible that the Bedouins we saw as one of the causes of mysterious events for thousands of years had such an effect? The shapes of the moon affect the gravitational force

For example, while gravity reaches its peak at the full moon, it decreases when the moon is a crescent again. In research conducted on eighteen thousand psychiatric patients, it was noted that the presentation dates of most patients coincided with the days of the full moon in ancient times. It was believed that werewolves appear during its completion time!

The fact that the moon has an effect on the behavior of living things

It is absolutely true that the moon also has a protective effect for us.  When there are large parts of asteroids and celestial bodies towards the earth, the gravity of the moon attracts them and pulls them to it to disintegrate as soon as it collides with it in a world without the presence of the moon. Earth

A meteor collision with a length of a few kilometers may end humanity just as it did with the dinosaur species sixty-five thousand years ago. Naturally, after turning the land into a playground for a period of time in general

If the moon suddenly disappears, this will not be the end of humanity, but our living space in the world will decrease dramatically, and our shape will begin to change over time. The disappearance of the moon in some way will help change our standards of living and our perspective on life, and 
perhaps our psychological state and nutrition.

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