Why Tik Tok is the number one social networking application?!

Why is Tik Tok famous?

That application that the previous generation does not understand. We are talking about those born before the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five, and even in the current generation, this is not understood by everyone, but in fact this application was carried by one and a half billion people in the world!

We can say that the company that developed the application has achieved great success, and we can also say that this application has changed the concept of social networking applications.

 But what is the secret of this app and why is it so popular?

It may seem unimportant, but the success of this application hides many secrets to give a glimpse of the success of the TikTok application, as it is the number one application in the Play Store in America if we exclude game applications and ranks first among social applications on all platforms..

 In just two years, this application was able to outperform Netflix, YouTube and Facebook. The producing company today has more than twenty thousand employees and its offices are spread across the United States of America, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and certainly China.

 So what is this app?

 It is an application for sharing short video clips at first, everyone mistakenly thinks that it is related to music and dance only, but after using the application you will discover that it is related to everything people want to do comedy, adventures, scientific experiments and some creative work as well. The maximum limit for each clip is fifteen seconds, okay.

Where did this app come from?

With the application, it was developed by the Chinese company Bitdames. The company was established in the year two thousand and twelve and its headquarters is located in Beijing. The financial value of the company today is seventy-five billion dollars, which makes it one of the largest private companies valuable in the world. Who knew that founder Jean Jamal, an engineer in Microsoft Corporation and founded the company at the age of twenty years. The company is a Chinese version of Facebook, but it owns a lot of diverse sites!

After the company issued a social networking site and a messaging application, it moved to developing applications that depend on video clips in the year two thousand and sixteen, a Chinese application for video clips was launched, an application and the application got millions of subscribers in a short time in the year two thousand and seventeen, the company decided to conquer the world with the same application But she changed his name to How Tok

The only problem faced by the company

It is the presence of another application that competes with an application, which is the application that was released in the year two thousand and fourteen. This application gained a large audience, especially after the failure that the application of those in the year two thousand and sixteen knew. Zain, which was used by many celebrities such as Gogan Paul, failed miserably that the Twitter company, which was an application for it, did not have enough budget to support it and that prompted users to migrate the application and head towards The two applications together

 Now, there is no application capable of competing with Tik Tok, which was able to find a place among the old and famous social networking applications in just two years, in the year two thousand and nineteen. Bittans decided to start producing smart phones. Bitdance Company, which produced an application, is now thinking of producing smart phones, and its first product will be a phone. Smart i San Note Pro 3, but this phone is the first product of the company,

So why does the number three carry behind the scenes? The company was trying to attract the attention of the world. The company bought a French newspaper and also shares in a local newspaper in Los Angeles. The company also tried to buy shares in the global network, but it lost the deal to another Chinese company. The company also has a software tool capable of accessing More than five thousand news sources write an article of four hundred words in just two seconds artificial intelligence.

The basis of what this company does

 Today, the TikTok application depends on an artificial intelligence system that is more sophisticated than any artificial system that other social networking sites depend on. that contain similar topics and some of these clips will be shown on the full screen, and if you refuse to watch the clip, you will encounter fewer clips similar to it later. This is different from what happens in Facebook, YouTube and Netflix,

On these sites, artificial intelligence works in a different way

 It suggests to you and you choose from among them, but Tik Tok can know what you like and what you prefer to watch, and this point can be the basis for the success achieved by the Tik Tok application. The company has two versions of the application, the first is for China only and the second for the rest of the world is  forced to work with this system because of the blocking of many sites in China

 But how can a company make money from this app?

 Like most applications in the world, the company gets its profits from ads, where users are forced to watch ads to get points, they add to the application. Let's talk about the impact of this application. Many remote areas in China and India, for example, have seen more about the world thanks to this application. Percent of app downloads were in India thanks to a video network in most public areas. It is a violation of the segregation of minors via the Internet, the same censorship system that YouTube operates, and it caused a lot of problems because of these strict restrictions!

 The Chinese use of the Tik Tok application raised a lot of concerns, and Mark Zuckerberg spoke about this, as he revealed that some countries, such as China, cannot use American social media platforms, and adds that almost a decade ago, all American platforms were, but today, six of the ten most prevalent applications They are Chinese applications, and at a time when American applications are being used by protesters and political activists everywhere because of the strong protection that is provided, a Chinese application appeared and spread quickly all over the world, and it is the application that is not subject to any censorship!

 Zuckerberg wonders, is this the internet that the world definitely wants?

 This is one of the most important reasons why Facebook and Instagram refuse to run their applications in China. Many news channels think the same way. The words of lawmen today raise questions about what this application can do and the extent of its ability to access personal information of users, as well as the extent of its impact on national security. Reports indicate that the US authorities decided to impose censorship on the use of the Tik Tok application. There is no Nothing official yet

But the application is able to access a lot of users’ personal data, but the company’s branch in America says that the databases for American accounts are separate and there is no connection between them and the parent company in China. India has already blocked the application on the pretext that it negatively affects the culture of society, especially on the adolescent category The app cannot be used in India again

Let's introduce another blessing on her website. She has thirty-three million seven hundred thousand followers and no one really knows who this girl is and no one knows why she's also famous. The artificial intelligence here is already working. It's working hard to get you to follow more short clips that like this app more than just Dance app !

But the important question  

What can a person give to users in a fifteen-second clip except for a laughter?

I think it's an important question. Apparently this app has succeeded in a private empire of teens. After all, one of the most valuable private companies in the world has got a billion and a half downloads of its app. So there must be something good. It would be nice to see how it turns out later. What do you see? Did you know all these facts about the Tik Tok application, do you think that the application is just a stupid idea, or is it a means of entertainment, or is it a Chinese way to influence the world? 

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